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Kasual Golf is a channel to inspire everyone to go play golf. It doesn’t matter if you stink or think you are good, the main point is you are out and having fun while (hopefully) getting better. I try playing my best golf while also doing fun challenges and competitions with friends in the game of golf.

Welcome to a brand new episode casual Golf my name is Alexis you already know And today we are here for the fifth Episode of the breaking 80 series same Course same front nine I would have Today I’d love to give you the back now But as you know Finland gets dark video Quality goes down so we don’t want to Risk that I want to give you the best Quality video so as usual Golf Course front nine there’s a few Updates I have actually broken 80 Already I’ll put the scorecard here I Did not film that round but I want to Break 80 for the camera obviously I want To play continuously under 80. so we’re Gonna keep doing this until I can get it For camera for you guys also as you know Uh putting has been hard lately in the Latest episodes it’s not as hard it’s Just I’m not thinking the right part so Today I just went with a wild card I Have a super old putter I’ll show you Guys later it’s a blade putter which I’ve never used I used a one round it Was really up and down but we’re going With that today but as always if you do Enjoy these videos please consider Subscribing it is free and also liking The video it does help me a lot if you Want you can go and check my Instagram Casual.com And yeah let’s try it today so that Because you know these are a grind

Um I think I can talk to that I’m Playing alone so I’ll update you guys on The way talk more on the way uh let’s Start playing easy round of golf let’s See if we can today break that magical 80 Strokes That’s true to all of us form straight Out of the car now even putts with that Putter It’s going to be interesting once I get To Green if I get to the green We gotta get off the T first here clean [Music] Right down the pine Not Pine pipe Just inside the 100 exactly where I Wanted Here is The putter it is a dinosaur of a putter I don’t even know it doesn’t have a Sweet spot as far as I know I have no Familiarity no experience really with a Blade putter I use this one time this Year when I actually forgot my own Putter I got from a caddy Master First putt with it on the course six Foot birdie six meter birdie but I sunk It Um it was really up and down there was a Lot of three putts on that round too but Some good putts too so I don’t know Maybe it’s like a good luck token today Let’s see what happens Okay

Um 87. it’s right where I want it to be Uh just like a Comfortable 52 wedge I have to take a little off Actually but I feel like it’s good Should be good Oh that came up Um yeah it’s on the green triple line so I am playing today as I mentioned alone I can have a really easy comfortable Round I don’t need to rush anything There should be plenty of time today Focus on tee shots approaches read the Greens I’m excited for today it’s a Friday And as I said I already broke 80 ones I Have a bad habit of uh losing kind of Interest middle round or motivation When I know I play even slightly bad Even though the round’s not over and I Could still break 80 for example or a Good score so I had my friends who’ve Been in the video Nico and Anton I made Them play Scramble Against me from scratch and that way I had to really try because they’re Playing off under 20 handicaps as well So it kind of You know um Towing me along so I would Be motivated to keep playing all right We got the putter Let’s get to it As you know or if you don’t know this First screen is fairly not simple I like

To say simple but it’s not simple Because it’s straight it doesn’t really Break anywhere on a straight putt as Many of you know it was hard to do I have no idea the pace of this so this Could go either very short or long or Then right to the cup That’s a good roll that is a very good Roll You know what I overheard it but that was a great roll I will take it Boogie three foot bogey you know what It’s fine it is fine uh that second putt I just struck that in the face it came Out hot but good straight we know where The pace is now with the putter Hopefully Bogey not ideal had a birdie putt here We go This wants to be a little Punchy a Little punchy Oh no it’s fading I’m always there I was there last time Left side of the green You gotta really hit it if you want to Head up there Gonna need your roll a bit more Left Edge maybe a bit more Unfortunate really unfortunate I gotta read that again See Ow I hit myself in the ankle oh wow wow Funny Bone or whatever you call this

Okay I’m okay Or love when I hit this It’s like such a flat sound Um I don’t know maybe because there’s no Coding there’s no sweet spot I don’t Know someone who knows about Putters can Comment down there why is it such a flat When I hit it Um but I’m not complaining you know it Comes off nice nice off the face once in A while so it’s good you know the drill Not directly over the bunker but we can That was thin I think this bunker Bunker All right okay that’s not a bad lie it’s Playing I think 118. 117 I’m gonna go Nine iron because it’s against the wind A bit Um I just gotta hit appear as you know Did not hit up here it was thick I was Standing really awkward I should have Lay it out more more width on my stance But we keep it moving better get up and Down from there 45 to the flag it’s against wind 152 wedge Just A couple hop stopper I’m very happy with that Oh that had a lot of spin on it it was a Little short it was a one hop stopper or Two pop stopper That’s what I’m going to say but it’s a Little short

I shouldn’t be playing par golf but Little things little things gotta Focus I don’t know I know this breaks left at The end Oh I whack that Okay uh That felt weird not gonna lie Boogie boogie Foreign Again just get up there as you know that Green’s tough so Anything near or on it is a plus we need To play And it’s going to the forest I don’t know what I’m doing wrong Currently Live again I’m done you probably know I wish I Could do it like a montage of how many Times I’ve been here Note to self hit it hard All right uh tough putt downhill Should be easy but this is tough I don’t know how much is breaking should I go at it or Put it around it For me a par on this hole is always good We’ll be happy with the part here So that we need those birdies now Or then we just need to pour everything I feel like birdies are much more fun Even for you guys to watch They move the Tee Box much more left I Have more space

It’s probably like 180 it’s the bunker In the back 190 but it’s downhill I’m Going five iron I hit like a low draw Oh I should have not closed the stance that Much that was a perfect shot Uh trees are there So I’m guessing might have hit a branch Because it came here it’s supposed to go Over there I’d like to be a little closer but this Will do 160 A little wary that six arms not gonna go There because there’s wind against me It’s not much I feel like five Iron’s Overkill here Unless we go low but Yeah let’s just give it a good rip Well it’s a little bit below me so I Might actually That was such a good shot the microphone Came off right in front of the green Maybe Oh good Could have gone five hour It’s a lot more windier here We’re not a lot more winter it is just Winter Yeah it was the right line but I hit that hump on the green kicked it Left You know what time it is I don’t know I don’t know

I’m stumped I’m just not happy I gotta go straight at the holes more I feel like I said that every video I Feel like when in doubt just go straight At it I feel like that’s usually the Medicine for it Medicine the answer so that’s everything Bogey except one hole Foreign To the right side of the Fairway we’re Going to play a small cut it’s windy Oh good cut Why do I hold the club like that when I Hit it so weird oh good bounce you’re Rolling All right it’s on the rough on the left But it’ll be okay it’s playing 116 but There’s wind I’m guessing at least five Meters more I’m going nine iron I’m Always short here so Foreign I Club up only just to hit it softer Than I normally would which doesn’t make Any sense like And I can never understand the brakes I forgot my putter Nothing is that right Edge nothing This is supposed to break Should have gone straight at it remember Last hole How do you apologize I wish I could play Better Little things uh So currently there’s

Three holes to play two par fives as you Know so it’s a part five part three and A par five to end the nine uh I played Bogey everything except that one hole I mean it’s not bad I’m messing up Everything pretty much around the green I’m not hitting greens and Um yeah up and downs I need up and downs I need to be closer and I gotta putt Straight stop looking for breaks I feel like I seem like I’m really down I’m not I’m fine I’m having a good time actually Very happy to be playing golf that’s the Main thing It’s a good time uh score could always Be better I feel like positive vibes man A little wind on our side here You can get after it Yeah that’ll do on the left rough as Always Trusty five iron I got wind on my side So I’m hoping I can carry the bunker That’s about 160. It’s going right at the bunk Stop stop All right on the edge of the bunker it Was a horrible shot just kind of kind of Thick That’s a very decent lie it’s playing 106. I’m going 52 wedge I can crank it Up to like a hundred there’s wind behind Me so I’m hoping the wind carries the Rest of the way it doesn’t need to go

All the way 106. we don’t want to be Over the flag by any means on this Screen so It’s even okay if you’re short of the Green technically here which I’ve been Doing all day today so I wouldn’t be Surprised if that happens Oh all right on it please carry All right green Barely but we’re there I’ll tell putt I’m gonna take my sweet time with this One the group’s ahead of me are probably Pretty slow so I don’t want to keep Waiting the car I’d rather do something Useful So we might as well read putts not like I can go looking for golf balls here What kind of It’s such a long putt at some point it’s Gonna hopefully start breaking left You know I I say all this stuff and then I do it also which I’ve been doing today Putting where I’m supposed to but this Is the incorrect reads That’s in Let’s go birdie Damn that was nice when it hits like That and that roll it’s just that roll Is so solid it’s like It doesn’t want to break off the line I Like it Okay par three It’s playing

Almost 170. I’m going five iron but I’m Going like for low Low draw That’s what I’m gonna try to do Or then you’re just gonna top the Out of the ball And it’s still going to go on the Green For short Yeah that was trash but we can make up For it here It’s two wedge Foreign As hell Oh there’s a right line Ran out of gas Okay uh last hole and if you’re not Familiar after the ninth hole I put the Camera away I call play the Mac nine Just so I can focus more and then I will Come and update you with the score Hopefully as long as I don’t run out Daylight and time and all that stuff or I’m just not too upset usually I’m not That upset apparently I am I think five Over par so technically not I don’t need To but I want to par this or even birdie This is a hard birdie hole the windows Is against us along part five so last Hole let’s get it Spinny spinny get on The Fairway Oh good truck on The Fairway I don’t want to bother people at the Front I kind of do because they’re so Slow but they’re elderly people so I’m

Not gonna be that guy I’m a good person Foreign [Music] 77 pin is all in the back I’m still Going 52 wedge rather than LOB Yeah that’s the wrong direction I didn’t hook it I just shot it straight Event release Oh my God I had like a meltdown on that first putt Poke something with the group in front Of me while they were waiting at the Tennessee so I don’t know I just lost Focus so that was 42-6 over not ideal Unfortunately I feel like I play always Five or six over here when I’m filming So I’ll try to do better on the back Nine we’ll say it might be tight again With the sunlight uh there’s a few Really slow groups in front of me a few Moments later and I’m back 18 holes Played as you can see it’s dark we Barely beat out the light here to finish The round I actually played a double Bogey free round so it was nothing but Bogeys and parts and that one birdie uh Yama Yamato putter was not the answer I Had a few nasty triple putts there on The back nine that I was not happy with I just couldn’t get a hang of the putter I I there was no feedback on it it was Like it was like hitting with a rock or

Stone of today’s score 83. Did not break 80 again but as always do Press that like button if you did watch All the way here it does help me a lot And do subscribe and I’ll see you guys On the next video peace [Music]

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