Will Cobra’s 2023 Driver DOMINATE the Big Brands? | AEROJET Review

Today I test out the new Cobra AEROJET driver and ask whether this could be the “big brand” killer in 2023…

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So this is one of the longest and most Impressive drivers that cobra have Released in quite some time but there is A problem [Music] The aerojet driver from Cobra comes in Three models there is the standard Version the low spin version and the max Which also has a draw bias and straight Off the bat I have to say I really Really really like the way that this Looks behind the ball The carbon Crown it's visible but it's Not offensive it's a really nice classic Shape and like most Cobra drivers I Actually find it very easy to align the Name aerojet comes from the aerodynamic Design of this driver which is Interesting to a point It's A Hard Sell To explain that this club just moves Faster through the air also for me there Is a problem because it's quite Difficult to test this might shock you I Don't actually have access to a wind Tunnel now there's something in this Driver called a power Bridge Foreign Which is wow that is offline which is Based on a design by Leonardo da Vinci For a self-supporting bridge and yes I Know Leonardo da Vinci would never have Spelled power pwr there's basically a 13 Gram weight which connects the heel and The toe of the golf club so this adds

More rigidity to the club head allowing The face to flex a little bit more it's Similar to what Callaway have done with Their jailbreak technology so they've Linked the top of the club to the bottom This is linking from side to side but It's also free-floating now all of these Things I quite like Foreign But what I would also like is for you to Absolutely smash that subscribe button So the only difference in the head Design is the back weight of the Standard driver is removed and two Weights are added to the front of the Driver to help lower the Back Spin now These two front weights in the ls they Can be switched around and this will add A little bit more of a fade bias to this Driver honestly they feel strong and They feel powerful and the ball really Does come off hard off the face And that face is different so there's no CNC milling there's no Infinity face Which has been on previous models and That's a shame actually I thought that Made Cobra drivers really stand out it Gave them something a little bit Different with all of this being said There is a big butt And I care about that I've been hearing These drivers for a few weeks now and I'm really struggling to split them Oh not so good to split the Fairway

Though So ball speed carry distance total Distance launch angle everything's Pretty much identical I can't really see the point in getting The ls version of this driver when the Standard aerojet is already so low Spinning the ls is slightly smaller than The standard version of the aerojet by Three cubic centimeters and the face Height is also slightly shorter by one Millimeter but the standard in the ls Over the last few weeks what they've Really proven is hard to hit There's so many drivers coming out at The moment but I would compare this to What I would call the big three so we've Got tailor-made we've got Callaway and We've got ping drivers all coming out About the same time and this is one of The longest out of those drivers but Also for me I just found it so hard to Strike consistently even looking at the Driver the impact marks are all around The face and the the face just looks Small especially stripes in the toe and The heel they just feel worse than these Other competitors for me this driver is Much better suited to lower handicap Golfers players who can strike the ball Consistently well the max remains Untested I'm going to do a review on the Super forgiving draw bass drivers later On this month or into February but the

Ls and the standard aerojet I didn't Really find that much difference between Them so I'll throw up here the data of The ls and the standard driver and you Can see that actually it competes as far As distance as far as ball speed as far As all the main factors that you want in A driver it really really is very good It really is right up there with the Other drivers however It is an absolute wild stallion and to Be honest I'm not entirely sure how many Golfers would be able to tame it Was that a tree yeah also something that Cobra have done in the past which has Really helped is they've been able to Undercut their competition on price and You can see here that they have slightly Moving into this new release they have Made it a little bit cheaper than some Of the other major brands obviously That's good news I would have liked to See it a little bit cheaper than that But as always it is most important what You guys think so get down into those Comments below let us know what you Think of the aerojet driver and also we Have been doing so many reviews in this Tech month so if you want to check out The playlist and you want to check out More videos make sure that you click the Link here how about the Paradigm driver As well that's a pretty good comparison

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