You might not agree but…I LOVE THIS DRIVER | TaylorMade Stealth 2 | Full Review

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In this video, we look at the new TaylorMade Stealth 2 and Stealth 2 Plus drivers with a review of the TaylorMade Stealth 2 HD driver coming up. Thank you for watching this video and for enjoying Tech Month.

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TaylorMade have absolutely nailed it With this driver Well almost in 2022 TaylorMade released One of the most interesting drivers in Years with the original stealth and the Stealth 2 drivers do continue with that Trend but there is just more and more And more carbon so no matter if you Think using a carbon face is a gimmick Or not completely changing the face Structure of a driver when everyone else Is doing something different it is Pretty cool I did like last year's Stealth but after that initial Excitement it felt like it just fell a Little bit flat but I really really like The stealth 2. now stay tuned for the Data but let me explain why now I have Been a few carbon based drivers released Before but TaylorMade have actually made One which is usable and which performs Really well But the first stealth it didn't really Set my world alike but the stealth 2 has Addressed most of my concerns TaylorMade have changed the face Slightly so they've reduced the weight Making the center thicker and the edges A little bit thinner and this gives a Little bit more forgiveness the amount Of carbon in these Club heads is is Pretty intense It's doing a job though look at that so The stealth 2 plus has 75 percent more

Carbon than the original stealth plus The stealth 2 has almost double and the HD is exactly the same store the HD by The way is the driver for golfers who Might be struggling more with a slice Now TaylorMade say there are composite Materials in here so carbon blended with Something else but basically the only Bits of true titanium in here is a bit The front frame which holds the face in Place and then the weights those are the Only true bits of metal everything else Has carbon in it in some shape or Another so for TaylorMade I think that's It I think they're officially declaring Metal Dead metal will never die it's Just gone metal But what this means is that TaylorMade Stripping all that weight away have Added more weight to the weights and Wait for it I'll explain The stealth2 plus has a 15 gram weight At the back and then the slider rail Just behind the face that's also 15 Grand the stealth 2 back way is 25 grams That is a massive amount of weight to Stick at the back of the drive and this Is going to help with launch and Forgiveness and it's also got a screw Weight here which is moved a little bit More towards the heel what this will Allow the club to do is turn around this Axis so close the club face and probably Helping people who slice the ball I am

Happy to say that all of this actually Makes the stealth 2 feel so much better Now the sound of this driver it is solid I'm probably in the minority who would Have liked TaylorMade to make a driver That doesn't sound like anything else Something that sounds like otherworldly Foreign It just feels so much more responsive That's the best word that I can use to Describe it when comparing it to the Original stealth it does have still a Slight issue for me where it feels like It slips off the face a little bit Especially onto the right hand side it Kind of just wanders out to the right Hand side and this is something that I've noticed with all the twist face Drivers in the past now the price of These drivers is pretty Pokey especially Having considered how much the TaylorMade wanted people to Fork out for The original stealth so the stealth 2 Plus that is going to be coming in at 529 recommended retail now that could Obviously go down once it hits the shops The standard model of the stealth 2 and The stealth 2 HD that is going to be Coming in at 499 pounds and this is one Of the perceived problems with Tailor-made drivers certainly that Customers have over the last decade I Actually think that a lot of other Manufacturers do this as well but when

TaylorMade release a new driver the old Driver depreciates in value relatively Quickly but I can't deny After hitting these drivers and the Original stealth that I like the stealth two more I I think it Is a better driver [Music] Oh yeah there's also something else that I can't deny is that I would absolutely Love you to subscribe to the channel It would make me a very happy man so Data wise these drivers are very good And they keep up with those dinosaurs of Titanium drivers one thing I've noticed This year is that a lot of the drivers Have been testing the low spin model and The standard model differentiating Between the spin rates has actually been Quite difficult I'm pleased to say that In these stealth drivers there is a Definite difference between the low spin Version and the standard version so I'll Show the Divergence here you can see That the standard cell 2 is spinning More than the low spin model so let's Have a look at some key points of the Data here so carry distance with the Stealth 2 plus 304 with a total distance Of 326 this puts it right up there in Distance wise with some of the drivers That I've been tested this year just Under 300 yards carry with the standard Stealth and then 322 in total now that

Is generally because of that highest Spin rate it's just not flying quite as Far and then it's just stopping a little Bit quicker the ball speeds actually Pretty consistent but what really got to Me what really surprised me is that the Standard stealth model from across the Face the ball speeds were really good And that feel again it just it just felt So much better it's a hard thing to Explain and to quantify so during Tech Month we have been reviewing all the Latest releases from the biggest driver Brand and here is a table showing the Results so far and you can see that the Stealth 2 really does stack up as well As the stealth 2 plus all the driver Tests this year I'm doing it with the Fujikora Ventus shafts and all the head Loss are in eight degrees unless Specified so there is a difference in Ball speed between the stealth and the Stealth 2 plus however overall distance The stealth 2 plus was winning because At a slightly lower Spin and a slightly Higher launch that just allowed it to Run out a little bit more once it landed As you can see the winner so far in Overall distance is the Paradigm from Callaway now I am going to be doing a Build my bag of video where I'm going to Be putting these drivers all head to Head to see which one is going to be Going in my bag now in that video I'm

Going to be changing these drivers to Their Optimum settings for my game so Expect to see faster swing speeds and More bombing drives Fingers crossed I hope it could be it Could be terrible but I hope they're Going to be good so I think most golfers Are going to be Plumping for the Standard stealth and the HD rather than The Plus They just offer that little bit more Help the best way for me to sum this Driver up is that I really wish TaylorMade would have released this Driver last year because I think it Combines everything that was promised And puts it in a package which just Feels much much better but as always What is most important is what you guys Think so get down into those comments Below and let me know also we've been Doing so many reviews this Tech month if You want to check out the playlist Please do here and also check out the Paradigm driver review that and the Tailor-made they're probably the most Interesting uses of carbon that we've Seen this year so far Guys just to let you know that the rough Cut golf podcast is back head down into The description below and check out the Links for our weekly takes on everything To do with golf

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